Our History

We’ve accomplished so much in a short amount of time. Green Dot Corporation is home to a remarkable team of people whose story is still being written. As you learn about where we’ve been, you might just find that your greatest story is right here with us.


Our Beginning

In 1999, Green Dot Corporation was founded by Steve Streit. Initially, he set out to provide young Internet users with a flexible debit card option. The product, however, quickly became immensely popular with adults and families in need of an alternative to traditional credit cards, and Steve saw an incredible need that Green Dot Corporation was uniquely positioned to meet. From the beginning though, Green Dot Corporation was about more than just churning out products to a hungry marketplace. As its mission and values were forged in the fires of early challenges, setbacks, and victories, Steve believed that Green Dot Corporation’s success would depend upon its ability to value character and people above all else. Loving the work you do, the customers you work for, and the people who work alongside you, became a way of doing business at Green Dot Corporation.

Early Growth

By 2001, the company sold a first-of-its-kind prepaid debit card, beginning a winning tradition of customer products at the very leading edge of the industry. Green Dot Corporation quickly grew to reach a national market with its prepaid cards, working with retailers including Rite Aid, CVS Pharmacy and Plaid Pantry convenience stores. And the growth trajectory kept skyrocketing.
By 2006, Green Dot Corporation had sold more than two million cards, with a growing international market. Green Dot Corporation established relationships with a number of retailers along the way, including Wal-Mart, Kmart, PayPal, and 7-Eleven.

Going Public

On July 22, 2010, the company made its initial public offering (NYSE: GDOT). In 2011, following the IPO, the Los Angeles Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth named Green Dot Corporation the 2010 IPO of the Year. Over the past decade, Green Dot Corporation has won a number of awards not only for its products, but also for its outstanding contributions in the technology field. In 2011, for example, Green Dot Corporation was the recipient of the Technology Leadership Award from Los Angeles County Technology Week.

What lies ahead

When you take a closer look at our history, you’ll see a company that has embraced change like no other, weathered storms, and kept on fighting. Through it all, we’re proud of where we’ve been and we’re made better by our people. When you join Green Dot Corporation, you belong to something special, and your work will help us realize the next generation of historic achievements in our industry. And it might just change your life.