Sales, Marketing & Client Relations

Here’s to the creative, passionate, and driven people sharing the Green Dot Corporation story with the world. This team is full of idea-bringers and team players, seeing opportunities where others can’t. We’re telling our product stories in 90,000 retail locations, in the App Store and on Twitter. They don’t just bring great products to the stores. They help shape the discussion about what people really need in a banking product. And their dedication and enthusiasm is contagious. Want to be where technology and finance meet? Step up to Green Dot Corporation and help lead the way.

Sales & Account Management

This is more than just achieving sales quotas. It’s a team of experts serving strategic retail customers and bringing our products to their stores. See yourself here, representing a leading-edge portfolio of products and services that are continually reinventing an industry? Learn more now.

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Business Devlopment

Bringing unbeatable products and services to potential partners, creating awareness and excitement, and then watching as that sense of urgency for our offering reaches a boiling point – this is how Business Development should be. We understand our customer’s needs and often see opportunity where others see only closed doors. Welcome to winning. Welcome to Green Dot Corporation.

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Channel Management & Consumer Insights

Develop strategy. Welcome challenge. Step into a role where you are in charge of strategy development and a go-to-market approach for a channel. Knowing our customers backwards and forwards begins with this dedicated team. They serve as the voice of the consumer, taking research and figuring out brilliant ways to target customers and position the brand. From in-store execution to the project management of key Green Dot Corporation launches, this is a challenge worth taking on.

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Marketing & Social Media

The financial industry isn’t quite known for its explosive, forward-thinking social media presence. We’re changing that. We are the Marketing & Social Media team at Green Dot Corporation. We’re all about building our product brands in new and relevant ways through the innovative use of social media. If you’re seriously entrepreneurial, this could be the perfect fit for your talents. Learn more now.

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Retail & Design Production

At Green Dot Corporation, we think great products deserve great packaging. Our Retail Design & Production team helps us stand out from the rest, delivering expertly-designed creative solutions for all our brands, from innovative in-store displays, to packaging and point-of-purchase materials, to website development and mobile assets. Want to get seriously creative? Let’s talk.

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