You’re in school or about to graduate. You want more than a job: you want a challenge that lets you innovate out of the gate. Say hello to the team giving new professionals the kinds of hands-on projects that can truly launch your career.

At Green Dot, we have products and platforms. We make things that solve problems and become indispensable for our customers and we serve as an integrated bank and technology platform powering the ambitions of others. As a financial technology company, we’re the best of both worlds!

Did you know...

Green Dot is the largest prepaid card provider in the US and is sold in over 100,000 retail locations?

Green Dot is a branchless bank that serves millions of customers online or by mobile app? That your Uber driver is likely using the instant pay feature for our online bank?

That every time you use Apple Pay Cash….that’s Green Dot?

So what’s does all that mean? Come find out and be part of our exciting team! Simply put, we can give you more opportunity, more access to career-making assignments, and more room to grow with our team.

Go ahead and break the mold of what you thought an internship could be and join our team of experienced professionals across the following areas:

  • Finance
  • Marketing (Branding, Graphic Design and Social Media)
  • Supply Chain
  • Software Development and Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Program Management

Go ahead and dream big. This is a chance for innovation in an industry that is moving faster that we can keep up - this is where your career takes off.

See our Internship opportunities and apply today.