It takes a lot of dedicated talents to keep a company like Green Dot Corporation running successfully. Our Corporate team is full of inspired, accomplished professionals with a passion for driving us forward. From Accounting to Compliance to Human Resources to Risk Management, we have some of the brightest minds in the business working on our behalf. Green Dot puts a premium on your talent, experience and enthusiasm. We invite you to explore our many opportunities and discover where your potential lies at Green Dot Corporation.

Compliance & Risk Management

Our Compliance & Risk Management team is committed to maintaining the highest standards of compliance, and upholding all consumer protection laws and public interest laws and regulations. Guarding against emerging and evolving threats, this team ensures that Green Dot Corporation’s business is safe, secure, and capable of reaching every bit of its potential. We’re looking for talented people to bring their accountability, integrity and hard work to this exciting challenge.

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Human Resources

Our Human Resources team helps find and keep the best talent in the business. We’re committed to developing and maintaining a culture of excellence, one great accomplishment at a time. We’re passionate about empowering people to grow and embrace their personal best. We invite you to explore the many rich opportunities to grow your own career with us. Learn more now.

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Legal, Finance & Accounting

With great innovation also comes a new set of responsibilities. We rely on our expert Legal, Finance & Accounting teams to ensure that our finances are correct and by the numbers, review new and pending laws and regulations that directly affect our business, and provide legal advice on new strategies and initiatives. These professionals embody the Green Dot Corporation spirit of agility, collaboration, and accountability. You’re invited to discover what a career with Green Dot Corporation can mean for you. Learn more now.

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Business Intelligence

Problem solvers, analyzers, and data drivers welcome. This is Business Intelligence at Green Dot Corporation. Our team has a major impact on the growth and overall value of the Green Dot Corporation portfolio, evaluating objectives and customer requirements and bringing analysis and recommendations that guide our day-to-day management and the future direction of our business. Want to have the kind of impact that can help reinvent an industry? Start here. Learn more now.

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